When electric cars were first introduced to the consumer market, we all know that at some point in the future that they would be the future of the automatic industry and would replace all fuel-alternative cars at some point. Although, when they first hit the market, there were many limitations to the EV market which ensured that they weren’t successful as they were first predicted to be, however as technology has developed and rapidly evolved, the EV market has been able to as well, so the benefits for owning an electric car now are far greater than that of a fuel alternative.

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One of the main reasons why many consumers are now ditching fuel alternative cars for the use of an electric vehicle instead is due to the money saving element that they offer. Every car owning hates having to fill up there car, due to the high expense of oil, and the average amount to fill up a car in the UK is around £50 which can be rather expensive for those with high mileage. When you compare this to an electric vehicle then you can see the cost saving element straight away as you can charge up an electric car to full charge for under £10 and as we said above, with the way that technology has been able to advance over this time, we are now seeing electric vehicles now outperforming those fuel alternatives when it comes to miles per charge compared to miles per gallon.

Another one of the main benefits to owning an electric car, and one of the main selling points and reasons why they were brought out in the first place is because they are more eco-friendly and will be creating a better earth for tomorrow. This is down to the fact that fuel cars must burn fossil fuels to power them through the petrol and diesel which is of course harmful for the atmosphere whereas electric cars are fully powered through electricity and so they are considerably better for the environment which is the reason they were designed and brought out the consumer market in the first place to lower the carbon emissions of each individuals.

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