Many of us are certainly starting to see the impacts of the huge push occurring over recent years to reduce our own impact on the environment – this has become particularly true over this past year given the positive effects seen by reduced traffic and the climate benefits following a year of lockdown. One of the big changes that has been strived for has definitely been within the electric vehicle market as it has changed and evolved extremely quickly, but as we approach a time where some countries are looking to phase out the sales of traditional ICE cars, what is needed to make the EV more accessible?

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Pricing and payment options – The first big consideration for accessibility should certainly within pricing and is an area that has remained a bit of a barrier for many. Whilst there are cheaper EV options out there, not all are as suitable or fit for purpose due to low range options and other similar concerns. The bigger names in the space are certainly looking to make change, however, particularly with the likes of Tesla following their recent announcement that they may allow cars to be purchased with bitcoin – many other markets have been quick to adopt crypto currency such as the biggest non-gamstop casinos that can be found at Max Casinos for example, but others have been a little slower to change. This adjustment by Tesla could certainly be a catalyst for others to follow.

A push in tech – The second big consideration has been within the currently available tech, and how far it could be pushed for improvement – surveys completed over the years have always put charging issues and range issues at the top of the list for the reason why people won’t make the adjustment over to an EV, but recent battery calls by the likes of Tesla have shown that newer silicon options could mean the tech is progressing much faster for both, and could also be a key reason why prices go down too. This will be a key space to follow if you’re looking at either making the change or looking to where the biggest progress can be found moving forward too.

There are other considerations to make too, the longer you hold out the less likely you are to be able to find all of the tax benefits and the VAT benefits for making the change early – the longer you hold out, the worse of a deal you’ll get from the benefits of changing, but the better off you’ll be as improvements allow a much better vehicle. It’s a balancing act for sure, but they are certainly becoming more accessible and a much better option.

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