Your planet needs you. Right now, plastic waste is killing marine animals and clogging up our beaches. Deforestation is harming our wildlife, destroying their natural habitats and leading to the fastest rate of extinction since the dinosaurs died out. The burning of fossil fuels is causing temperatures to soar, ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise alarmingly.

Never has Earth Day been so important. Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day is a time to recognise the harmful effects of human actions on our planet. It’s a time to come together to find solutions to the biggest challenges we face, like climate change, the extinction of natural species and plastic pollution.

This year, the team from Bgo online casino want to help you get involved. They’ve composed a list of 5 ways you can help save the planet this Earth Day. From turning off the tap when you brush your teeth to walking instead of driving to work, many of their suggestions can be easily incorporated into your everyday routine. Take a moment to check them out and see how you can make a difference for your planet, before it’s too late.

By Marina

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